Montag, 11. Februar 2013

Cooking, how does it work?

Oh look, another blogpost!

Todays blogpost is not just a simple blogpost. It is also a recommendation.
But that's enough spoiling, just keep on reading.

So, do you like to cook? Or would you like to learn how to cook?
Or are you already a good cook, but just want to know why on earth you have to let a steak rest after roasting or to cut that nice piece of tuna almost immediately after you take it out of the pan?

Then i recommend buying one of these:

(You can click on the image if you want to buy it off amazon.)

This book is the best one about cooking that i have ever seen. And i promise it is not the only one.
Just as all the other books, this one is full of recipes. But there is a big difference between this one and all the others: It explains, why stuff works the way it does.

Here, have a few examples:
Most people know that after roasting, you have to rest a steak before serving or cutting it. It is said to taste better, if you do so, and yes, it really does. But why? Why does it taste better? What happens with the meat during the roasting process? What happens if you rest it?

Then there is fish. Why is fish so different from meat? Why is it always so tender? Why do you have to cut it in pieces immediately after roasting, which is the complete opposite to what you do with meat.

Essentially what the authors did were two things:
The first one is:
After every single recipe there is a small section with the title "Why does this recipe work?".
This section contains short descriptions of the things happening with your food while you are cooking it.
The second one is:
It is not just full of recipes, there also are complete articles, partly spread over multiple pages, explaining the concepts behind cooking in a really detailed way. This ranges from all the different ingredients to different cooking techniques.

Every time I randomly open the book, i am surprised about the information in it. It is also really understandable, no fancy words, no unexplained technical terms.

 So, if you want to know this and way more, get the book. If you are into cooking, you will not regret it.

Cheers and happy cooking

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